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I am a New York-based photographer working on "IndiaWorld," an exploration of the people and cultures of the global Indian diaspora, which encompasses some 20 million people in dozens of countries.

At present, the project includes the United States, Trinidad, Guyana, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Britain with more to come.

My work has been published, in print or online, in India Abroad,, Toronto Star, The Indian American, You Magazine (UK), Metro (UK), RaveSQ, Mantram, Pravasi Bharatiya, India West, Sepia Mutiny, Funworld, Oxford American,, Mumbai Mirror, Irish Times, Washington Post, and other places.

All the images on this blog are © Preston Merchant, except where indicated, and may not be used without permission.

My headshot is © Miriam Berkley